Wind-to-Hydrogen R&D

AASI has applied for risk-sharing funding for an R&D and Demonstration (RDD) project to convert its 13-turbine Palm Springs, CA windplant to deliver all its captured wind energy as high-purity Hydrogen transportation fuel for nascent nearby markets, with no connection to, nor energy delivery to or from, the Southern California Edison electricity grid. The RDD project will develop an integrated system of power electronics and controls to allow the 13, 50 kW nameplate turbines, which are equipped with squirrel cage induction motors as generators, to:

  • Operate at variable speed in Self Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) mode, delivering “wild DC” close-coupled to the electrolysis stack array, for reduced system capital and O&M costs;
  • Deliver each turbine’s “wild DC” to a common DC bus feeding the electrolysis stack array;
  • Close-couple the wind turbines, via the DC bus, to the electrolysis stack array, in a configuration simpler, lower-cost, and more efficient than that found in electrolysis plants operating from the AC grid.

AASI has partnered with a three-person team from NREL.