Electro Pulse Boring (EPB)

Although AASI owns no equity nor IP in EPB, we decided to use the opportunity of applying for the MacArthur Foundation single $ 100 million “100&CHANGE” grant to articulate the technical and economic case for investing in advancing EPB technology, in order to discover and demonstrate its merit via field boring trials. If EPB can be commercialized — providing affordable, equitable, benign, inexhaustible, baseload energy, almost anywhere on Earth, it could transform the world’s largest industry, from ~ 80 % fossil sources today to ~ 100 % renewable, CO2-emission-free sources, as quickly as we prudently and profitably can.

Here are the application and description files. AASI’s “100&CHANGE” application was not selected by MacArthur to advance in the grant award process.
MacArthur received over 1,900 applications for this single, large grant. We wish MacArthur Foundation and all applicants well.
We will be glad to connect parties considering investing in EPB advancement with the leading EPB investigators, historic and current, as best we know them.